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Author and Copyright Questions

As author or editor, you might realize that your content has been copied into this website without explicit permission.

However, providing the content to our website Economicblogs.org has the following advantages:

Support the progress in economic research:

  • Easy search of newest articles by the world best economic authors in Austrian Economics.
  • Easy interlinking and comparison of blog articles with our “interlinking” technology
  • Easy search of articles on a particular topic. Who has written what on the topic?
  • It helps you in your daily work, because you do not need to switch to different websites.

Support the progress in technology:

  • We used latest website design, that sometimes looks better than your website
  • All our content is loaded automatically with newest RSS Grabbing technology
  • We use newest tagging and interlinking technology for searching articles on particular topics
  • We use newest technology, examples are RSS Grabbers, XPATH and XSLT, interlinking and URL stop words removal
  • We provide a “Follow Author” plugin that shows your picture shows all social channels

The new technology will improve your visibility as author

Support the economy of less advanced countries

  • Our development center is in Bulgaria, we try to help Bulgaria to catch up with Western economies.


We want to pay kickbacks to the author

  • We will introduce a “donate to the author” button.
  • With author pages, we will promote you as author and your books.
  • In the long-term we will move to a paid subscription service, most fees shall come back to the author.
  • Economicblogs.org does not use Google ads or Forex adverts, this helps for distraction-free reading.
  • We advertise only our technology, these are WordPress plugins.


Be free to contact us on georgeATe-llusion.org for further clarification.