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Bitcoin’s Latest Price Pump: New Life or Last Gasp?

October 28, 2019

Almost out of nowhere, the bitcoin price surged by 40% within a matter of hours.
The rally brought out the bitcoin bulls, along with their starry-eyed price forecasts.
But what if this historic bounce is also the last one the cryptocurrency will ever see?
After dropping for months, bitcoin’s price spiked 40 percent when China’s president announced the country’s embrace of blockchain technology.
This marked the third-biggest 24-hour rally in bitcoin’s history and sent the cryptoverse into a frenzy. Bears turned into bulls. According to TheTIE, bitcoin-related tweets popped 50 percent. Blockchain stocks zoomed higher.
Some say this latest pump confirms the bull market. Next stop: $20,000.
What if this isn’t a new bull run? What if this is one last FOMO by exhausted enthusiasts—the

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Will Crypto Markets Eventually Mirror the Stock Market?

October 27, 2019

The same core tenets of investing that govern prudent stock market trading also apply to the crypto market.
Even expert stock pickers struggle to outperform the market, which is why index funds have become so popular.
The crypto market could experience a similar transition toward index-based investing.
Though crypto fundamentally transformed the way value is exchanged, the core tenets of investing remain the same. The crypto market is a very young version of the stock market in the sense that participation, trading volume, and market capitalization all have a lot of room to grow.
That said, cryptocurrencies are already worth more than $200 billion, exceeding Jeff Bezos’ net worth of $112 billion. With the stock market’s total value worth a towering $67.5 trillion,

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Why Facebook & Goldman Sachs Keep Poaching Each Other’s Engineers

September 29, 2019

Some say that Silicon Valley is the new Wall Street, but could there be deeper reasons why tech companies like Facebook compete with banks like Goldman Sachs for engineers? It used to be banks that attracted the brightest. Before the financial crisis of 2008, Wall Street loved to hire mathematicians, physicists, and even rocket scientists to create innovative – and often very complex – financial products. They would design new derivatives and investment strategies and run quantitative risk models to project how these instruments would perform into the future. This so-called ‘financial engineering’, — a near-scientific work — is something that we now like to blame as one of the reasons for the great financial crisis in 2007–2008. The engineers wouldn’t go to banks just for the money. It

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