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Post Voyager Signs Mou With Neopin to Revitalize The Mutual Blockchain Ecosystems

[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, UAE, 23rd November 2022] POST VOYAGER CLOUD (hereafter POST VOYAGER) has officially announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NEOPIN. POST VOYAGER is an evolutionary blockchain network that is set to build a metaverse world by onboarding GameFi, NFT projects, DeFi apps, protocols and much more. The agreement entails the cooperation between POST VOYAGER and NEOPIN to enhance both the company’s blockchain ecosystem and...

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El Salvador Says It Has No Ties to FTX

A rumor was swirling around online that the nation of El Salvador in Central America had tons of bitcoin locked away in the FTX exchange, which has now filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, many industry heads – including Changpeng Zhao of Binance, the company that at one point was likely to purchase FTX and save it from its present string of problems – are saying this is not true, and that the country is not in any danger. El Salvador Says It’s Not Tied to the Failed Exchange El...

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Nexo is Leaving the United States Due to Regulatory Difficulties

Burdened by regulatory pressures, crypto lending firm Nexo has given up on continuing to operate within the United States. The company announced on Monday that it would begin phasing out its products and services from the country over the coming months.  Regulatory Roadblock According to Nexo, the firm has engaged in “good-faith dialogue” with the US state and federal regulators for the past 18 months. Despite this, Nexo no longer believes that such bodies can be negotiated...

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Ten Years Later: Here’s What Vitalik Thinks Blockchain is Good For (and What it’s Not)

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin published a blog post on Monday reviewing the development of various blockchain use-cases over the past several years.  With years of experimentation now behind the ecosystem, the developer has narrowed down a list of applications that he personally finds most worthy of attention in crypto. Money: The Most Important App Buterin began by highlighting what he sees as the most important – and first – application of blockchain: creating new...

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Orthogonal Trading is “Effectively Insolvent,” According to Maple Finance

Blockchain-based capital marketplace Maple Finance has cut ties with digital asset hedge fund Orthogonal Trading on allegations that the latter misrepresented its financial statements.  Maple said assets within the Orthogonal credit pool remain secure and is expected to close without issue in Q1 2023. The Truth About Orthogonal In a blog post on Monday, M11 Credit claimed that Orthogonal misrepresented its financial position to the lending firm over the past four weeks....

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