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We Don’t Need a Bitcoin ETF: Crypto Developer Jimmy Song

September 10, 2019

Source: ShutterstockBitcoin developer Jimmy Song says the world does not need a bitcoin ETF. Moreover, the crypto entrepreneur says he doesn’t care about the mainstream media’s negative stereotypes of bitcoin, saying they’re irrelevant.Song made the remarks during a Sept. 10 interview with BlockTV. When asked about the recent media hype surrounding the SEC’s potential approval of a bitcoin ETF, Song says it really doesn’t matter.Song: Bitcoin ETF is not a gamer-changerWhile a bitcoin ETF might be nice to have, Song says it won’t be the “game-changer” that some claim it will be.Song called the bitcoin ETF “more of a convenience play.” He noted that if someone really wants to get bitcoin, they will. And they don’t need an ETF to do it."If you don’t get it, then you are going to get it

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SEC Warms to Bitcoin ETF Amid Price-Manipulation Fears

September 9, 2019

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton suggests that a bitcoin ETF may be approved once price-manipulation concerns are addressed. | Source: REUTERS / Brendan McDermidSEC Chairman Jay Clayton says the agency is inching closer to finally approving a bitcoin ETF. However, he warns that more work needs to be done to deter price manipulation and ensure a transparent market.Clayton made the assertions during a CNBC interview with Bob Pisani (video below). Pisani asked if we’re any closer to seeing a bitcoin ETF soon.Clayton responded by saying, "Yes. But there’s work left to be done."Are we any closer to seeing a Bitcoin ETF some day? SEC Chairman Jay Clayton to @CNBC: "yes, but there’s work left to be done" @SEC_News @bobpisani @kellycnbc @CNBCTheExchange #bitcoin #crypto— The

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Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Responds to $100M ‘Zombie ICO’ Lawsuit

September 6, 2019

Bitcoin bull John McAfee wants to resolve his disagreement with the South China Zombie Research Centre over their "zombie ICO" partnership. | Source: REUTERS/Alexandre MeneghiniBitcoin bull John McAfee wants to resolve his dispute with the South China Zombie Research Centre over their "zombie ICO" partnership.China Zombie threatened to file a $100 million lawsuit against McAfee. In an angry tweetstorm, China Zombie claims McAfee trashed them in a white paper they had hired him to write to promote their ICO.McAfee claims he was paid $4.5 million upfront to shill the zombie cryptocurrency.John McAfee: China Zombie is ‘a serious company with serious goals’McAfee told CCN today (Sept. 6) that this is a huge misunderstanding. He insists that he’s not trivializing China Zombie’s research.To the

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EU Antitrust Boss Flags Facebook Crypto Libra for Monopoly Risks

September 5, 2019

The European Union’s AntiTrust Chief is scrutinizing Facebook’s much-publicized crypto, Libra. | Source: ShutterstockEU regulators are investigating if the Facebook Libra "cryptocurrency" poses a threat to competition by being a potential monopoly.Margrethe Vestager is the outgoing antitrust chief of the European Union. She’s gravely concerned that Libra could violate antitrust laws.EU: Facebook Libra must not stifle competitionTo address this, Vestager says European regulators are examining the potential anti-competitive threats posed by Libra.“We can even look at new services even before they’re introduced," Vestager said at a conference in Bergen, Norway. "That’s what we’re doing right now, with Facebook’s plan for a new cryptocurrency, known as Libra."“We’re looking at whether those

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Crypto Fever Plummets 14% in Japan Amid Bitcoin Exchange Sweeps

September 3, 2019

Interest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin tumbled 13.9% in Japan in the latest quarter, according to Japan’s financial regulator, the FSA. | Source: ShutterstockInterest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin tumbled 13.9% in Japan, according to the country’s financial regulator.In data posted Sept. 3, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) says the volume of crypto-related inquiries fell in the latest quarter. The office handled 494 inquiries about crypto assets in the second quarter ended June 30.That’s a 13.9% decline from the 574 inquiries it handled in the previous quarter ended March 30. Moreover, the office received 89 complaints about fraudulent investment offers.The FSA says inquiries about cryptocurrency assets fell from 574 to 494 in the quarter ended June 30, 2019. | Source: FSAFSA

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