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Is 2017 Here Again? Hype Led By YAM Seeing DeFi Tokens Skyrocket

The DeFi space continues to amaze as there’s something unbelievable happening almost every other day.YAM – a cryptocurrency created less than a day ago with absolutely no economic value at launch, is currently trading at over $150.And that’s not even the part that’s hard to grasp. In less than 24 hours, the cryptocurrency community has locked $500 million in DeFi protocols to farm YAM. This led to a market-wide increase as all of the supported protocols see their native tokens skyrocket.YAM...

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What is Uniswap In Simple Words?

You may have heard of Uniswap has been a frequently debated topic among the DeFi space. Originally, Hayden Adams created the Uniswap protocol as he was inspired by Vitalik Buterin’s post about the market maker equation X * Y = K.Hayden took a practical approach to the equation and created Uniswap, a protocol for automated liquidity provisioning.This guide will help you understand the following concepts:What is Uniswap?How does automated liquidity provisioning work using X * Y = K...

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DeFi Tokens Defying Market Dump on YAM Farming Frenzy

The big boys on crypto markets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP may be slumping today, but DeFi tokens are still on fire. Five of the top six performing tokens in the top one hundred are related to DeFi, and there is a good reason for that.Enter the YamA new yield farming opportunity called Yam Finance has been launched promising huge returns and a revolutionary and fair financial farming ecosystem. Since it launched late on Tuesday, August 11, yield farmers have been loading up on DeFi...

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Bitcoin Welcomes $12,000 As Market Cap Gains $9 Billion Today

Bitcoin is heading upwards again with another attempt to conquer the $12,000 mark. The altcoin market is also very volatile as Chainlink painted another all-time high.Bitcoin Tries $12KAfter the mostly calm weekend, Bitcoin decided to act and aimed at a familiar target. The primary cryptocurrency went from yesterday’s low at $11,550 to $11,750 in a few hourly candles before surging to $12,050.It has retraced slightly since then and is currently hovering just below the $12,000 mark. So far,...

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Bitcoin Stable At $11K – Altcoins In Green: The Calm Before The Strorm?

Bitcoin has remained calm in the past 24 hours, with minor gains towards $11,100. Unlike the primary currency, the altcoin market has seen impressive gains, including yesterday’s birthday project – Ethereum and Chainlink.Although the US economy suffered its worst quarter since the Second World War in terms of GDP results, Wall Street is breaking records, especially in the technology field.Bitcoin: Back to Stability?The primary cryptocurrency remained relatively stable in the past 24 hours....

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AMPL Completes 75% 3-Day Plunge: What Does Negative Rebase Mean?

Ampleforth (AMPL), is one of the cryptocurrencies that lost the most over the past three days. It plunged by over 75% to reach a low at around $0.65 on some exchanges, putting holders in negative rebase territory.AMPL Plunges 75% in 3 DaysAmpleforth is undoubtedly one of the most discussed and trending projects in the cryptocurrency field. It has been this way for about a month now.Back towards the end of June, AMPL started trending upwards and reached a high at around $4, providing investors...

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