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Tesla (TSLA) Stock Down ‘Record’ 18.58% Yesterday as Price Target Cut to $380 by RBC

Tesla (TSLA) stock plummeted 18.58% in trading on Monday from its previous close of $546.62 to $445.07. The stock has fallen amid the broader sell-off in U.S. markets.Shares of electric-car company Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) were slashed on Monday after Wall Street suffered massive losses amid concerns over the economic impact from the coronavirus outbreak which has an impact on the analysts’ price target for TSLA. The stock fell as much as 18.58%. However, in premarket it was a bit up – by...

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Tesla (TSLA) Stock Is Down Now but with Full Self Driving Tesla Could Be Worth $6T by 2024

According to Ark Invest, if Tesla lands the self-driving option in the right way, it can soon launch an autonomous taxi service (robotaxis). As a result, the TSLA stock value may increase drastically and Tesla could hit $6 trillion by 2024.The leading electric car manufacturer Tesla has been experiencing rapid ups and downs in stock price lately. After a recent jump and reaching a new record of $961, TSLA stock crashed. However, some believe Tesla can save its situation. Besides, in four...

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Tesla (TSLA) Stock May Reach $15,000 in 2024, Can Market Really Catch On to Tesla?

Tesla’s market cap now stands at more than $140 billion as TSLA stock has already reached $780 (and is moving even higher in the premarket). Let that sink in for a bit. This is more than the famous U.S. automakers General Motors ($48.2B) and Ford ($35.7B) – together. And that’s not all folks. The best is yet to come.As per the ARK Investment Management, which has assigned an astronomical price target for the electric vehicle manufacturer of $15,000 by 2024. If that happens, it would make...

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Analysts Predict Tesla (TSLA) Stock to Touch $7000 by 2024 as Elon Musk Hosts Hackathon

Elon Musk‘s Tesla Inc. is on a roll as the company’s stock price has surged nearly 100% in the last three months. Last Wednesday, January 29, Tesla released its Q4 2019 earnings taking Wall Street by a big surprise.Beating the analysts’ expectations, Tesla registered total sales of $7.38 billion against the street projections of $7.02 billion. The electric car maker posted an EPS of $2.14 against the expected $1.71. The company said that its Model 3 deliveries were up 45% YoY and it expects...

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Tesla Stock May Reach $6,000 to Let Company Join $1 Trillion Club

Researchers claim Tesla car company will be gaining in the market weight as well as in the electric car sphere. The FANG or FAANG list may change the name to FAAMGT because Microsoft and Tesla are the two big corporations in a hurry to achieve perfection. The corporations in that list are considered by many as the saviors of the American economy.Analysts from Ark Investment Say Tesla to Go BullishCatherine Wood is a professional with a vision who claims that Tesla stock can easily reach the...

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Tesla Could Rise to $4000 per Share, Says Ark Investment Management CEO

Ark Investment Management founder and CEO Catherine Wood commented that huge jump in Tesla’s stocks that began yesterday after the company released its earnings is just “the beginning of an eventual rise to $4,000 per share and possibly beyond.”And she might be right, because, even though the earnings were nothing special, they were still better-than-expected and at the stock ended yesterday trading with a rise of 17.67% to $299.68. However, at the time of writing, the stock was in a slight...

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