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Crypto Amendment for Infrastructure Bill Leads to More Problems and Infighting

This infrastructure bill is turning into an absolute joke. After allegedly coming to an agreement over a potential amendment to the cryptocurrency portion of the bill, the new language detailing crypto transactions and brokers is getting attacked by senators such as Bernie Sanders of Vermont, thereby resulting in additional holdbacks. The Infrastructure Bill Is Becoming a Major Problem The bill is already stupid given that it is presently worth approximately $1 trillion....

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Dow Jones Gains Over 770 Points, Stock Market Rally Continues, Sanders Quits Presidential Race

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is actively gaining today as well as many stocks on the market. Meanwhile, U.S. coronavirus cases have topped 400,000The Dow Jones climbed nearly 800 points on Wednesday following Sanders’ decision to give up and quit his presidential campaign. Stock markets are also doing well today. Meanwhile, White House Health Advisor Anthony Fauci estimated the United States could see a slight outbreak decay next week and New York Mayor Bill De Blasio revealed some...

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Dow Adds 2% and Sees Two Consecutive Positive Closings for the First Time after February

Dow Jones has seen a path to recovery after the Federal Reserve announced major stimulus measures on Monday. Here’ a look at how this fiscal stimulus might help to overcome the existing economic challenges.On Monday, March 23, the White House and the Senate agreed to introduce a stimulus package to combat this economic meltdown caused due to the coronavirus pandemic. Soon after, the markets showed a renewed sense of optimism.On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average surged over 10% moving...

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Dow Futures Rise Despite Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire Win

Bernie Sanders has seized his wins in Iowa and New Hampshire in the presidential race indicating a strong start to the national elections ahead this year. However, the markets have preferred to neglect his wins and continue to be on the rising momentum ahead. Dow Futures are moving up.The Dow Futures have rallied to a new high 29, 270 despite Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic Primary from the New Hampshire. The Dow Futures broke 45 points northwards soon as the news broke out despite the...

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UK Labour Leader Calls Jeff Bezos to Pay Taxes after his $98.5 Million Donation

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s richest man, has been criticized once again for not doing enough with tax payments. The CEO announced a $98.5 million donation to 32 different organizations in an effort to tackle homelessness and also improve the quality of education in low-income communities, as part of his Bezos Day One Fund. Even though Bezos has also been criticized for also not doing enough with philanthropy, this recent donation didn’t do much to calm one of his most outspoken...

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