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Young People in India Really Love Their Crypto

India is likely making a big mistake considering a ban on crypto any further given that it’s people really seem to love the industry. India Has an Odd Relationship with Crypto Swati Daga is a businesswoman in India that first bought bitcoin in the year 2017. This was at a time when the currency was trading for under $3K. Her family did everything they could to try and convince her that investing her hard-earned cash in BTC or any other form of crypto was a bad idea, but...

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Is China Suddenly Planning to End Its BTC Ban?

There are rumors swirling about that China will potentially end its bitcoin ban. If this happens, a serious question will be raised… “What was the darn point?” China, Make Up Your Mind About Bitcoin! China made headlines over the summer when it announced that it was going to force all bitcoin miners from its territory following pressure from Beijing to become more carbon neutral. From there, things took an even uglier turn when the country stated it was making all...

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China Fully Bans Crypto; Takes Its Hate of BTC to the Furthest Reaches

Bitcoin has been handed a major blow today, and again, it’s all thanks to China. As if it’s not bad enough that the country has sought to destroy the mining presence within its borders, regulators have now deemed all crypto activity – this includes transactions – illegal, and now it’s not just miners that aren’t welcome in China. Rather, no digital currency has any space in the country. China Says “No” to BTC China has long had a very complicated relationship with...

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India Has Become a Major BTC Haven

Bitcoin usage is booming in India, giving rise to many thoughts and ideas about the future of its price.India Loves BTC, All of a SuddenBoth bitcoin and India are in huge positions to help each other out. Right now, bitcoin has entered another bearish phase that has caused it to lose as much as $600 off its price in just a few days, while India – much like the rest of the world – is on lockdown due to the coronavirus, and has experienced a shortage of cash as its economy continues to...

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