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Why Didn’t ETH Dump After Shanghai? Interview With Nansen

The Shapella upgrade last month enabled validators to unstake millions of ETH from the Ethereum 2.0 contract, allowing the funds to potentially be sold on the open market. Despite this, the second-largest cryptocurrency actually increased in value after the upgrade. How come? At Consensus 2023, CryptoPotato sat down with representatives from Nansen, a blockchain analytics company, to discuss how things have looked on-chain since the final phase of the Merge.  Shanghai Defies...

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Miami to Host The Biggest-Ever Bitcoin Conference

Bitcoin 2021 conference will be held in Miami with a host of attendees and reputable keynote speakers, including politicians, regulators, celebrities, Bitcoin proponents and investors in the crypto industry. The event was originally scheduled for April 30 –  May 1 in Los Angeles. However, the venue and date were changed due to the second wave of COVID-19 and vaccine rollout. This week, Bitcoin 2021 will take place between June 3 and 5 at Wynwood’s Mana Convention Center in...

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Crypto & Coronavirus: How Is The Industry Affected By The Emerging Financial Crisis? Experts Pitch In (Exclusive)

The novel coronavirus took the world by a storm like lightning from a clear sky. In a little more than a few months, over 200,000 people from across the globe got infected, while the death count continues to rise.This urged governments to take immediate action, and it feels as if the whole world is under quarantine. Naturally, the fear of the unknown and how far it could go caused a lot of turmoil in the financial and stock markets.Companies are feeling the impact of the virus as major...

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First Crypto Victim: Diagnosed With Coronavirus After Attending Two Recent Ethereum Community Conferences

A blockchain project executive was recently diagnosed with the coronavirus. He recently attended two major blockchain conferences and encouraged people who had close contact with him to get tested, as well.Diagnosed With COVID-19 After Attending Ethereum ConferencesZhen Yu Yong (Zen) is the Co-founder of TorusLabs – a decentralized login service company. Earlier today, he noted that after falling ill, he was later diagnosed with COVID-2019 (coronavirus.)Yong recently attended two major...

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The Blockchain Conferences You Don’t Want To Miss In 2020

As the impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies continues to increase throughout the world, so do blockchain conferences. These are events where one can meet and befriend like-minded people and establish fruitful connections and networking.As the new year recently began and the blockchain industry is already leaving marks, the following are among the most notable conferences that will occur in 2020.The year 2020 is expected to be a fantastic year for Bitcoin precisely due to the halving...

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