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France and Luxembourg Partner on Venus Initiative to Use CBDC in Settling Bond

In the latest announcement on France and Luxembourg collaborating on the Venus project, it was revealed that both institutions are proposing cross-border settlements.The Central Bank of France and the central bank of Luxembourg have partnered to roll out the “Venus Initiative”, which allows them to use an experiential CBDC for a 100 million euros bond. Worth $104 million, the bond is the latest means employed in a series of trials in tokenized financial markets. Apart from France and...

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Billionaire Pliego: Bitcoin Is What You Want to Invest in

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego says that bitcoin is the best tool to have if you’re an investor. He took part recently in the Miami Bitcoin Conference and explained that roughly 60 percent of his portfolio is made up of bitcoin, while the rest is composed of hardcore stocks tied to oil, gas, and gold mining companies. Ricardo Salinas Pliego Thinks Bitcoin Is the Best Investment Tool He also went off on bonds, claiming they were a joke and not likely to do...

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How Federal Reserve Prints Dollars and Throws Dust in Eyes of American Taxplayers

The article provides an explanation of how the U.S. Federal Reserve devalues dollars by printing them in huge amounts and saves corporations for the money of taxpayers.Nobody expected a sudden collapse of the global economy this year. Production and consumption volumes have fallen to incredibly low levels, and Goldman Sachs analysts predict in the second quarter of 2020 GDP contraction will make up 24%. Such a discouraging forecast contradicts central banks’ vision, and to handle the...

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