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Brendan Blumer Discusses What Makes Block.One So Important

Block.one and EOS are notable platforms for two reasons. The first is that they held a year-long coin offering between the summers of 2017 and 2018. The second reason? Because even though the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) went after the companies for hosting the token sale – which the SEC is typically known to do – both Block.one and EOS came out ahead and garnered a ruling in their favor. This is important given we’re now in a time when companies are known to fall apart the minute...

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Lawsuits Filed against Binance, Block.one, BitMEX and Other Crypto-Related Companies

Binance, Block.one, BitMEX, BiBox, KayDex, BProtocol, Status and TRON Foundation received the class-action lawsuits. The lawsuits claim that those companies were selling or helping with the selling of unregistered securities.Binance, Block.one, BitMEX, TRON Foundation, BiBox and others received an astral hit. Well, not quite astral, but rather juridical. Because the regulators are mad when someone is doing things wrong.All the lawsuits are filed to the Southern District of New York. Per the...

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Salah Zalatimo Becomes CEO of Block.One’s Decentralized Media Network Voice

On Thursday, January 9, Block.One appointed Salah Zalatimo as the CEO for its decentralized media network Voice. As per the announcement, Zalatimo will join the company and his new role on January 20..@VoiceSocial_ welcomes @Salafel, former @Forbes global Chief Digital Officer as CEO. https://t.co/kjzR2Acnbr— block.one (@block_one_) January 9, 2020Previously, Salah Zalatimo was working as the chief digital officer for Forbes. He joined Forbes four years back in 2015 after the acquisition of...

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EOS Voice, the ‘Facebook Killer’, to Be Unleashed on 14 February 2020

The new EOS-based social network Voice in its beta version will start on 14 February 2020 and is set to reward users with its token, thus bringing the desired freedom of speech and ad-hoc monetization that lacks in other social networks. Presented by Creators of EOS, Voice will Not Manipulate Data Particularly, using the blockchain technology, Voice can set all its operations to move through blockchain. When blockchain records inner operations of the network, it is impossible to insert...

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EOS Now Available on eToroX Exchange

3 December 2019: eToroX, the blockchain subsidiary of global investment platform eToro, today announced that the EOS cryptoasset is now available on the eToroX exchange.From today, EOS will be both a base and counter currency for trading pairs on eToroX, and can be traded against other cryptoassets, including multiple fiat stablecoins. The pairs comprise Bitcoin (BTC-EOS), Ethereum (ETH-EOS), Stellar (EOS-XLM), USD (EOS-USDEX), GBP (EOS-GBPX), and Japanese Yen (EOS-JPYX).With the launch of...

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