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#891 Calibra jetzt Novi, Binance Mitarbeiter Gehalt in BNB & Argentinien Überwachung Bitcoin Trading

Hey Krypto Fans, willkommen zur Bitcoin-Informant Show Nr. 891. Heute sprechen wir über folgende Themen: Calibra nennt sich nun Novi, Binance Mitarbeiter Gehalt in BNB statt Fiat & Argentinien will strengere Überwachung von Bitcoin Trading. 1.) Calibra Rebrands as Novi to Avoid Confusion With Libra 2.) Viele Angestellte bei Binance entscheiden sich dafür, sich eher mit Krypto als mit...

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Despite Libra Hurdles, Facebook Announces Its All-App Payments Service Facebook Pay

Social media giant Facebook Inc. has now decided to consolidate all of its payment services under a single umbrella. On Tuesday, November 12, Facebook announced its Facebook Pay platform which would facilitate ” a convenient, secure and consistent payment experience across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp”.Facebook’s announcement comes just in a week’s time after it announced a new parent company logo as part of its rebranding efforts. The social media giant said that a lot of its...

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Libra’s Future in Question as Mark Zuckerberg is Set to Testify Before the U.S. Congress

Things do not seem to be going as planned for Facebook’s Libra as Mark Zuckerberg is set to testify before the US Congress later in the month. This was revealed by the Chairwoman of the United States House Committee on Financial Services Maxine Waters (D) in a press statement yesterday. The Chairwoman indicated that a letter had been sent to the Social media giant in July “requesting an immediate moratorium on the implementation of Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency, Libra, and digital...

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Facebook Agreed to Acquire Brain Computing Startup CTRL-labs

Photo: CTRL-labsFacebook said on September 23 that it agreed to acquire New York-based CTRL-labs. The acquired startup is creating a wristband that will let people communicate with computers using brain signals. Thus, the new device will let people control digital devices using their minds.CNBC reported that the deal is estimated to be worth around $1 billion. However, a Facebook spokesperson said that it is lower than the reported $1 billion. Andrew Bosworth, the Facebook Vice President of...

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Facebook Acquires ServiceFriend, Possibly Building a Chatbot for Calibra Wallet

While Facebook is prepping for its Libra launch in 2020, it also has acquired ServiceFriend which is a start-up that builds bots. Experts already have speculated that this is possibly meant for the Calibra wallet support service. First, this news was published in an Israel where ServiceFriend is situated. One of its largest investors, Roberto Singler, alerted one of the local publications about this matter. While Facebook hasn’t yet approved the relevance to Calibra on this deal,...

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