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Exclusive from CoinMarketCap’s Senior Leadership: From Passion Project to Partnership With Binance

Check out an exclusive interview with CoinMarketCap’s senior leadership about the philosophy behind the project, its history and the acquisition by Binance.When talking about the platforms that are tracking cryptocurrencies movement, first that comes at one’s mind is definitely CoinMarketCap. A platform created to track the capitalization of different cryptocurrencies, the amount of trades that use them and the current price converted into fiat currencies updates the information every five...

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Binance Officially Confirms Its Acquisition of CoinMarketCap

Binance acquires CoinMarketCap ‘to make crypto more accessible worldwide’. CoinMarketCap CEO is stepping down to spend time with family. Binance CEO claims he will make sure that CMC data is following the industry standards and needs.Binance is one of the three biggest exchanges in the crypto space. CoinMarketCap (CMC) is one of the most popular crypto tracking tools on the web. They had more than 200 million visitors per last 6 months.Per the official announcement, CoinMarketCap has gone...

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CoinMarketCap Liquidity Trackers Evolve: a New Main Standard?

CoinMarketCap was established back in 2013, and it has seen a wild history full of glory and shame. We won’t be coming back to all the episodes of CMC rising. Let’s say it is exciting. Within this piece, let’s talk a bit about their recent improvement. Coinspeaker loves improvements, and here’s the one you should at least know about.CoinMarketCap Liquidity Matter More Than Fake VolumesCMC introduced its new service for measuring exchanges liquidity, which is a new primary metric that they are...

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Interest by CMC Feature on CoinMarketCap Publishes Interest Rates on Cryptos

It is quite challenging to determine whether digital assets should be more like the traditional fiat. However, it appears like they are moving in that direction and this is a considerable step. The crypto data provider CoinMarketCap has now launched a new page. In this page, it publishes interest rates provided by different digital assets. The new data now comes in handy in helping the users compare and select a suitable product.The page, known as “Interest by CoinMarketCap”, launched on...

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