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Ken Griffin Has Become a Bitcoin Believer

It’s always refreshing to see someone change their minds about crypto, and in the case of billionaire Ken Griffin, he has gone from a negative Nancy to a believer. Ken Griffin Stands Behind BTC It wasn’t long ago when Griffin was advising all his followers and listeners that bitcoin was a space to avoid. Not long ago, he purchased a copy of the American constitution for roughly $40 million and beat out Constitution DAO, a crypto group that sought to purchase the item...

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So, Who Beat Out the Crypto Bid On the Constitution?

A copy of the U.S. Constitution was recently up for grabs to the tune of millions of dollars. The item was set to be auctioned off last week as one of only 13 copies of the document left standing, and a group of alleged crypto fans – operating under the name Constitution DAO – stated their intention to bid on the product. Who Bought the Constitution? The organization began collecting crypto donations from tens of thousands of people across social media platforms,...

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Constitution DAO Loses Crypto Bid On American Legislation Document

Just the other day, Live Bitcoin News reported on an auction that was taking place for an original copy of the U.S. Constitution. It was supposed to be only one of 13 copies of the original 500 that ultimately survived history and lasted the 230+ years that have gone by since it was first written. The Constitution Wasn’t Won with Crypto… A group of avid crypto fans – known as Constitution DAO – began collecting crypto funds from people everywhere through social media and...

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A Group of Bidders Seeks to Buy the Constitution with Crypto

A group of crypto fans are getting together to bid on a first edition copy of the U.S. Constitution. Buying the Constitution with Crypto… Can It Be Done? The group – which calls itself Constitution DAO – has allegedly raised more than $32 million in crypto funds from anonymous donors in under seven days. Apparently, they really want to purchase a piece of American history. At this stage, enough money has been raised that the individuals can compete with the heavy bidders...

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