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Singapore Looks to Place a Limit on Crypto Advertising

Singapore is telling all crypto companies within its borders to cease advertising their products and services to members of the public. This rule also applies to any banks or traditional institutions that offer crypto. They are not allowed to produce any advertisements and they cannot show these ads in public areas like on buses or trains, websites, social media, physical ATMs, or broadcast and print media. Singapore Looks to Prevent Crypto Companies from Producing Ads...

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London Is Seeing Far More Crypto Ads as of Late

London is now home to a record number of bitcoin and crypto-related advertisements, and many are calling for a ban on such promotions as they feel the crypto space is far too risky. London Is Seeing an Influx of Crypto Advertisements Crypto assets are largely unregulated in the United Kingdom, and there is much concern in London and other parts of the country about the volatility associated with these assets. In addition, many fear that people will become addicted to...

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