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Crypto Exchanges Are Beginning to Open Physical Branches, and the Idea Is Brilliant

Crypto exchanges, up to this point, have largely been online. While prior to the COVID pandemic many had customer service teams you could call and speak to on the phone or through email, it seems as of late that it’s very difficult to get assistance from anyone, as many of these firms have ultimately done away with their call centers, and customers have complained left and right about how hard it is to get answers from an actual person. You Can Now Visit Certain Crypto...

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South Korea Rejects Foreign Crypto Exchanges from Its Turf

South Korea is cracking down on cryptocurrency exchange activity within its borders. South Korea Is Taking a Stance South Korea, at one time, accounted for more than one quarter of the world’s bitcoin and crypto transactions, though it appears the country’s presence within the digital currency space has died down a bit over the last three years. Nevertheless, the nation is still looking to purge all foreign digital currency exchanges from its terrain as a means of ending...

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Elizabeth Warren Wants the SEC to Analyze the Risks of Crypto Exchanges

Massachusetts’ democratic senator Elizabeth Warren is the latest politician to express her disapproval and distrust for cryptocurrency exchanges. In a recent letter, she asked the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to examine the prospects surrounding crypto exchanges and do an analysis regarding the harm and risks they potentially pose to consumers. Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Crazy About Crypto Exchanges Crypto exchanges have often taken guff for their lack of...

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Crypto Trading Platforms All Want Unique Blockchains

Several cryptocurrency exchanges are looking to build their own blockchains, which means that somewhere down the line, we’re likely to see the birth of several crypto exchange-birthed tokens.Exchanges Are Making Their Own BlockchainsSome trading platforms have already made this goal a reality. Binance, for example, is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange by volume. The asset trading company has given rise to both Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance USD (BUSD), which is the...

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11 Crypto Sellers, Including, Have Been Hit with Customer Lawsuits

Several cryptocurrency exchanges and token issuers are being sued by investors across the United States who claim they were sold unregistered securities. Among the companies or entities being sued are Binance, Tron, and BitMEX. Entities like Ku Coin, Bibox and Bancor are also facing lawsuits from early investors.Block.One is Just One of ManyAs the cryptocurrency arena has expanded over the years, the demand and necessity for legitimacy have expanded with it. Many investors are...

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Ethereum (ETH) Price Crumbles Severely Despite $39 Million Fatburger Deal

Despite the many investments and acquisitions taking place in the Ethereum space, the ETH token followed Bitcoin’s lead into losing more than 10% of its value between March 7 and March 8.Over the weekend, the crypto markets suffered colossal losses that left many of the top tokens losing over 10% of their value. Bitcoin led this massive meltdown with nearly $30 billion erased from the crypto markets. On its part, Bitcoin lost almost 18% over the past two days resulting in a dismal performance...

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