Thursday , November 30 2023
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Telegram Investors and Developers Build Organization to Defend TON from SEC

Telegram investors and developers created a foundation within the TON ecosystem to defend the project from the SEC. The TON Foundation participants, not Durov brothers, will manage funds and code.While the SEC is preparing to destroy Telegram for avoiding the U.S. securities law, Telegram keeps receiving help from unexpected parties. This time, Telegram’s key investors have formed a circle for coordinating the development of the network. They have no connection to Nikolai Durov and Pavel...

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SEC Shows Proofs Telegram Is Violating Securities Law

On Friday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had filed invoices to the court. The SEC is claiming that brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov were selling the Gram tokens after the initial pre-sale end.If It Has No Flaws, Invent ThemTelegram officially claimed that they did not conduct any sales after the initial offering end.However, the SEC representatives are sure that Telegram accountants have been messing with papers. Maybe Telegram managers got a total of 1.7 billion during the...

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