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Dow Futures Lost 4.5% on Friday, Asian Market Nosedive as U.S. Fiscal Stimulus Bill Stalls

The fiscal stimulus bill presented by the Trump government failed to receive a key Senate vote and was halted from passing. The Democrats said that the bill did little to help out workers and more to bail out companies.The coronavirus pandemic continues to hit the global markets and the number of infected cases is on a steep rise. The U.S. Stock futures plunged in the early morning on Monday as Wall Street awaits an economic stimulus from the Trump government.Today, early morning 6 am, the...

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Dow Futures More Than 600 Points Down in Premarket amid Coronavirus Panic

Fear over the spread of the coronavirus tightened its grip on global stock markets. The indexes clearly reflect the situation. In the premarket Dow Futures lost over 600 points.The massive coronavirus-induced sell-off on Wall Street continued in premarket trade on Friday with the Dow Futures dropping over 600 points.Treasury yields continued to slide with the yield on the 10-year note falling below 1.20%. Meanwhile, oil prices declined for the sixth consecutive session.After losing nearly...

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Dow Jones Plunged 1000 Points as CDC Warns of Possible Coronavirus Outbreak

The global markets have been bleeding for the fourth straight day in a row after the U.S. Health officials warned against a possible coronavirus outbreak. In just four days the S&P 500 has crashed over 10% registering its fastest crash to date. Dow has lost 1000 points.Things are clearly not looking good for the global markets as threats of a global coronavirus outbreak intensifies. On Thursday, the Dow Jones dropped 4.5% over 1000 points dragging down several bluechip stocks as well!On...

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Goldman Sachs Expects Biggest U.S. Companies to Grow Cash Spending by 2%

New analysis from Goldman Sachs says America’s largest companies could spend more than $2.7 trillion of cash next year.The report predicts that cash spending will rise by around 2% in the next year amid a rise in growth investments.The bank however claims that there will be a 6% decline in spending by S&P 500 companies this year. This shrinking comes because of the 20% slump in cash acquisition spending and a 15% decrease in stock buybacks.Still, Goldman experts believe companies in the...

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