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Decred Announces its First Zero-Fees Decentralized Exchange: DCRDEX

Decred, the blockchain built with decentralized governance in mind, announced today the launch of DCRDEX, a revolutionary DEX created with the objective of being as friendly as possible with traders. Unlike traditional exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, Decred’s DCRDEX runs on the blockchain, so there is no third-party intervention in users’ operations. DCRDEX: Decred’s Vision of How a DEX Should Be The team at Decred also assured on an official Press Release that unlike...

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Flippening: Crypto Decentralized Exchanges Grew More Than Centralized Ones In Q3 2020

In the latest report summarizing the Q3 2020 developments in the cryptocurrency field, CoinGecko has classified the outcome as the “summer of decentralized finance (DeFi).” The popular data aggregator noted that the top-performing decentralized exchanges saw (DEX) massive growth in terms of trading volume resulting in reducing the market share of centralized exchanges (CEX). DEX Are On The Rise CoinGecko’s report emphasized on the developments within the decentralized finance...

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What is Uniswap In Simple Words?

You may have heard of Uniswap has been a frequently debated topic among the DeFi space. Originally, Hayden Adams created the Uniswap protocol as he was inspired by Vitalik Buterin’s post about the market maker equation X * Y = K.Hayden took a practical approach to the equation and created Uniswap, a protocol for automated liquidity provisioning.This guide will help you understand the following concepts:What is Uniswap?How does automated liquidity provisioning work using X * Y = K...

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DeFi Hype: Balancer Sees 200% Increase Following Official BAL Token Deployment

Decentralized finance (DeFi) project Balancer Labs officially announced the launch of its native governance token BAL on the Ethereum mainnet, with the price of BAL tokens increasing significantly following the launch. Balancer Follows Compound’s LeadThe news of the BAL governance token launch was made by CEO and Co-founder of Balancer Labs, Fernando Martinelli, via a Medium blog post on Tuesday (June 23, 2020). According to the announcement, the team is employing an “on-chain governance...

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Counos Platform, der All-in-One Finanzdienstleister

Die Blockchain-Technologie mischte die traditionelle Finanzwelt seit 2008 gewaltig auf. Nun hat sich die Counos Platform für 2020 vorgenommen, die Blockchain Industrie gewaltig aufzurütteln. Von innovativen Counos Kryptowährungen bis hin zu verlässlichen und höchst sicheren Finanz- dienstleistungen bietet die Counos Platform ihren wertgeschätzten Kunden alles. Im Jahr 2017 erblickte in der Schweiz die Counos Platform zum ersten Mal das Licht der Welt und zog seitdem eine große...

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