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Walmart (WMT) Stock Hits New Record, Adds 2.78% While the Whole Market Is in Red

For Walmart, the coronavirus outbreak has taken a beneficial turn, as the demand for some categories of goods and the number of deliveries have notably increased. This week, Walmart (WMT) stock cleared the 125.48 buy point.While the whole market is in the red because of coronavirus, Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT) stock maintains its position. Moreover, it has managed to jump and reach a new high.On Wednesday, Walmart (WMT) stock got a second upgrade this week and cleared the 125.48 buy point. It...

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Forget FANG, FAANG or MAGA: DAWN Is New Kid in Coronavirus-Fueled Panic Town

DAWN is the new Wall Street’s stock acronym that stands for Domino’s Pizza, Activision, Walmart, and Netflix. These stocks, as well as tech shares, are now worth investing in.Now the market is surrounded by coronavirus concerns. These fears are in the first place reflected in stocks that continue sliding. As a result of the downward movement, investors wonder which shares to buy to stay in the black and boost their fortune under the conditions given. And the answer is simple: DAWN.Obviously,...

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Adyen’s Deal with McDonald’s to Improve Fast-Food Giant’s Payments

Adyen, an outstanding payment company that allows businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale payments, has partnered with the global fast-food chain McDonald’s. Within Adyen’s deal with McDonald’s, the latter will use the Adyen platform to receive and process payments made in McDonald’s mobile app.As Bloomberg has reported, in the future, this option will be available globally. The UK will be the first country with this initiative implemented in the first quarter of...

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