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How El Zonte, aka Bitcoin Beach, Came to Be

El Zonte in El Salvador is known as “Bitcoin Beach.” It’s a relatively small location in a country that very few people could point out on a map. However, it’s doing a lot for the world’s number one digital currency by market cap in that it’s allowing the asset’s name to grow and enter mainstream status. El Zonte Is Becoming One with Bitcoin Many businesses in El Zonte – which has become a tourist town – accept BTC as a method of payment. It was one of the first regions...

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How “Bitcoin Beach” Is Helping El Salvador with Crypto

El Zonte is known as “Bitcoin Beach.” Located in El Salvador, the town has developed a reputation as being one of the leading digital currency regions out there. The city worked to make bitcoin legal tender long before El Salvador ever decided that the currency would be utilized throughout the nation. El Zonte Is Helping El Salvador Push BTC Forward El Zonte has come to the aid of Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, and is pushing the bitcoin agenda and ensuring...

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El Zonte Aims to Be the First “Bitcoin Village”

The town of El Zonte in El Salvador is one of the first to resort entirely to bitcoin to keep its economy and infrastructure stable.El Zonte: A Town of Bitcoin EnthusiastsThe digital funds came by way of an anonymous donor who ultimately discovered some lost bitcoin he had purchases several years ago. Following several attempts to remember his password, the donor ultimately gained access to the wallet and partnered with a San Diego native named Michael Peterson to shell out annual, six-figure...

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