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Lido Unveils Plans to Facilitate NFT Unstaking Using ETH Withdrawal Requests

Leading DeFi protocol Lido revealed that its NFT unstaking scheme would come full circle after the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade.  Prominent decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Lido has announced plans to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its unstaking process. Yesterday, the largest DeFi protocol by total value locked intimated on the plans during its Node Operator Community Call #5. According to Lido, users will receive a transferable NFT that represents their request withdrawal...

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Swiss Non-Profit ZeroSync Association Brings zk-Proofs to Bitcoin

Popular on the Ethereum blockchain, zk-proofs are also coming to the Bitcoin network. ZeroSync Association is bringing zk-proofs (Zero Knowledge) to Bitcoin (BTC) even as cryptographic techniques become popular on the Ethereum blockchain. Reports state that ZeroSync, a Swiss non-profit association, received sponsorship from crypto investment platforms Geometry Research and StarkWare Industries. The newly-formed association already has a working prototype, allowing users to validate the...

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Hacker of Euler Finance Sends 100 ETH to a North Korean Address

As per blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis, Euler Finance transferred a total of 100 ETH to an address having links to North Korea. Another major hack rocked the decentralized finance (DeFi) market last week in March. The attack on DeFi protocol Euler Finance drained a massive $197 million making it the biggest DeFi hack in 2023 so far. While tracking the details of the movement of hacked funds, it turns out that the hack could be linked to North Korea. Among the series of transfers...

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Successful Ethereum Shapella Testnet Beckons Long-Awaited Shanghai Mainnet Upgrade

Ethereum recently concluded its final dress rehearsal, dubbed Shapella, on the Goerli testnet en route to its mainnet upgrade. The Ethereum Shapella upgrade is on course for launch following its successful activation on the Goerli testnet. According to reports, this development is in the final phase before the upgrade goes live on the mainnet. With the Ethereum Shapella upgrade mainnet development, stakers can unstake their Ethereum (ETH) from the protocol. According to Ethereum developer...

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