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2 Red-Hot FAANG Stocks Are to Report Earnings This Week

As January draws to a close, the market is seriously anticipating the release of earnings reports from Apple and Facebook. Both companies, two of the world’s largest tech companies that make up the popular FAANG stocks, had a really great year in 2019. Before Wednesday when the last of these reports will be published, let’s take a look at their journey so far and what is expected.FAANG Stocks to AnticipateWhile the name comprises 5 different companies including Facebook, Apple, Amazon,...

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Tesla Stock May Reach $6,000 to Let Company Join $1 Trillion Club

Researchers claim Tesla car company will be gaining in the market weight as well as in the electric car sphere. The FANG or FAANG list may change the name to FAAMGT because Microsoft and Tesla are the two big corporations in a hurry to achieve perfection. The corporations in that list are considered by many as the saviors of the American economy.Analysts from Ark Investment Say Tesla to Go BullishCatherine Wood is a professional with a vision who claims that Tesla stock can easily reach the...

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Is FAANG to Become FAAMGT in 2020s?

Recently, the new fintech terms came to town. We are already used to certain terms such as FAANG, FANG and even FAAMNG. When it comes to stocks, and especially technology-related ones, the times are certainly “a-changing”.2020 began already as a pretty turbulent one. With great geopolitical tensions, an unsure trade deal between the U.S. and China, Donald Trump’s impeachment (moreover, Meghan and Harry are leaving the Crown) – it seems that there is going to be a pretty tough year for big...

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Apple Stock Keeps Growing amid Record App Store Sales

Shares of techno giant Apple Inc. jumped to another record high on Wednesday, and have doubled over the past year. The company’s report on its app store sales said that App Store sales reached $1.42 billion between Christmas Eve and New Year Eve.This represents a 16% increase from the same holiday-season period a year ago. Just on New Year’s Day, App Store customers spent a record of $386 million in just one day. That is 20% more than the case was last year.The App Store started with its work...

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