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FB Stock Rose 5.84% on Monday, Facebook Shares Expected to Go Up Nearly 30%

Facebook (FB) jumped 5.84%, approximately $9.16 yesterday, In the pre-market, it is still gaining and has reached $166,20. JPMorgan and JMP Securities have reduced their price target of the stock to $215, which reciprocates to approximately 30% gains.Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) stock has been on the winning side for the past two weeks, thanks to fundamentals that are cushioning its stock from the coronavirus pandemic. As of March 30, 16:26 EDT, the stock had pushed higher 5.84% and reached...

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Facebook Rewarded Investors With Over 400% Returns Since Its IPO in 2012

It just over 7 years that social media giant Facebook decided to conduct an IPO. Since then, Facebook (FB) stock has been one of the favorite picks for investors looking for handsome returns.If we look at the Facebook stock price chart since May 2012, we can see a steady rise with minor swings until July 2018. It was in July last year when the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out showing Facebook’s alleged breach of data and user privacy. The FB stock took a massive hammering losing 33% of...

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Is Microsoft (MSFT) Stock a Better Investment Choice Than FAANG?

For a long time now, FAANG stocks have been the unofficial standard by which the S&P 500 is measured. FAANG which is an acronym for five of the biggest tech and internet companies – including Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google parent Alphabet Inc., – were regarded by investors, traders and even analysts alike, as the stocks that account for a large percentage of the general returns gotten from the index.For the better part of 2018, FAANG pulled in amazing returns for investors...

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Here’s How Much You’d Make If You Invested $1,000 in Google 10 Years Ago

Even though there might be more than a few worthy contenders, Google (GOOGL) is one of the world’s most popular companies and has been that way for many years. However, If we decide to narrow down the “qualifiers” to just tech or internet companies, then the number of contenders drastically drops, leaving Google somewhere in the first few. The tech giant with its hands in several cookie jars is also one of the world’s most successful companies.Google is currently into software and hardware...

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Stock Market Unaffected by Trump Impeachment as It Jumps to Possible U.S.-China Deal

As we reported on Wednesday, proceedings for an official impeachment enquiry against U.S. President Donald Trump, was announced by Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, shocking the entire country and the world at large. When this news spread, a lot of people considered what possible effects the situation could have both for the U.S. Stock Market as well as the prolonged trade tensions with China. Now, it would seem that fears have been allayed a bit, as the stock market...

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FAANG Stocks Seem to be Dropping the Ball, Could This Company Pick It Up?

Over the years, many investors have used several different methods and strategies, to ensure they have a strong enough position in the stock market. One sure way that pretty much guaranteed a significant passive income, was to buy FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google/Alphabet) stocks and just watch them grow, as they are wont to do.This method has driven not just profits, but a generally positive sentiment among investors for a few years. However now, it seems those glory days...

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