Tuesday , November 29 2022
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Chinese Stocks Plunged in February on Account of Coronavirus, Markets Bounce Back

On account of the coronavirus outbreak, China’s manufacturing output has plunged to record lows in February as several factories were shut down. Central banks across the globe are willing to take corrective measures to ensure financial stability.The Chinese economic outlook is turning from bad to worse over the rising number of infected coronavirus cases, the Chinese stocks fell drastically. Last month, the Chinese government asked all companies and manufacturing units to shut down their...

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Docked Cruise Ship Worsens Coronavirus Fears as Recession Shadows Japan and Singapore

After a woman who was on a cruise ship tested positive for the coronavirus, authorities are now trying hard to find other passengers. Such a situation resulted in a new wave of worries.While authorities all over the world are bending over backward to curb the coronavirus outbreak, things might be getting worse. Apart from the rising number of confirmed cases and deaths, the spread is still raging on. Now, several authorities are currently in a fix as they try to find a few hundred people who...

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Coronavirus: Financial Market Shows Record Plunges as Epidemic Spreads

The global financial market is currently having a terrible time because of the coronavirus. Because there is no control of the virus just yet, the consequent uncertainty is having a terrible effect on the stock market and the global business sector. Yesterday, Coinspeaker reported a crash in global stock markets, specifically with futures on the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and the S&P 500. A recent eToro note, however, shows that things might be a bit worse.Highlighting Coronavirus Effects on...

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