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Bitcoin Will Recover But It May Take Months, Fundstrat Expert Says

The crypto market played out well on March 19-20 amid the market crash, with Bitcoin (BTC) surging by almost 15% to climb back above $6,500.Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC gave a thorough analysis of the most famous cryptocurrency saying it may need few months for Bitcoin to completely recover. If you were watching the Bitcoin movement in the last few days, you probably wondered why Bitcoin acted as if it were just another currency, tumbling down in comparison to the greenback. Let’s try to...

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Bitcoin Price May Explode to $500,000, Says Fundstrat’s Tom Lee

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee said that the price of Bitcoin could surge to $500,000 in the long term, but he failed to mention the exact timeline for such a pie-in-the-sky target to be achieved.Bitcoin and its value have been a topic of discussion for many in recent years. Tom Lee, the head of research at the Fundstrat Global Advisors, said that the Bitcoin price could surge to half a million dollars in the long term. Nonetheless, he did not mention the exact timeline for such a pie-in-the-sky...

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‘Rule Of 10 Best Days’: Here’s How to Capitalize on Bitcoin as per Fundstrat’s Tom Lee

While today the crypto markets are starting to look a little alive and is seeing a somewhat green pattern, Tom Lee from Fundstrat tweeted a sort of reminder about the rule of 10 best days. He says that the majority of Bitcoin gains come in the ten best trading days. According to Lee, this only happens once a year. Moreover, he claims that when these ten best trading days are excluded, Bitcoin sees a -25% per year. More specifically, in the last bull run of 2017 Bitcoin saw an unbelievable...

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Bitcoin Price Back Above $10k, Targets New ATH Amid Bakkt Monday Launch

Crypto enthusiasts are almost always in a perpetual waiting state, in the hope that the market will pick up and keep on rallying, even when data is already bullish. In the past, there have been several factors named as important to Bitcoin price surge or pullback depending on the specific period. Today, the most anticipated event in the cryptosphere, which is also a major factor in the possible chance of a Bitcoin rally, is the launch of Bakkt.The Bakkt launch is only a few days away and with...

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Bitcoin Rally Will Come Only After Surge in S&P 500 Stocks, Says Fundstrat’s Tom Lee

The cryptocurrency market is purported to be a break from the traditional markets, especially because of its decentralization. There is also the fact that global financial policies or unfavorable financial climate, which heavily affects traditional financial assets, do not have the same effects on the digital currency markets. However, even with all the dissimilarities, popular Wall Street strategist Tom Lee has drawn a parallel between the traditional stock market and the cryptocurrency...

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