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The State Department Is Offering Crypto Rewards to Those Who Can Identify Hackers

The state department is offering digital currency rewards of up to ten million dollars to hackers who allegedly help them gather information on bad actors. The State Department Seeks to Pay Those Who Can Find Bad Actors Over the past few months, cyberattacks have become far more prominent, with incidents like the one involving the Poly Network leaving accounts dry of more than $600 million. While much of that money has been returned and the hacker appears to be a little...

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BTC Ransomware Attack on Travelex Ends with Payout

It’s happened again, folks. Another bitcoin ransomware attack has occurred, only this time, it appears the victimized company – in this case foreign exchange venture Travelex – had no other choice but to pay what the hackers were asking for.The Latest Bitcoin Ransomware Attack in the BooksThe event took place in early 2020, and executives have allegedly paid the hackers as many as 285 bitcoins as a means of getting their network and respective data back. It’s a scary thought that something so...

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YouTube Is Hosting and Spreading Phony Bitcoin Giveways

There’s a new cryptocurrency scam a-brewing, and this time, it targets specific YouTube accounts.YouTube Is Spreading the Work of Crypto HackersThe scam takes on the form of phishing, which means hackers gain personal information from users to access their accounts and other private data. The scam targets YouTube account holders with fake brand deals, and it’s been active for the past two months. Companies like Brick Bros Productions have already reported that their accounts are no longer...

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