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The SEC Likely to Exempt Blockchain Companies from Current ICO Restrictions

The SEC commissioner Hester Pierce wants the blockchain space and the regulators to work on an eased juridical framework for ICOs in the next three years.During the recent industry conference in Chicago, the SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce proposed a new regulatory framework for ICO companies and unqualified investors.Current securities laws don’t allow numerous ICO startups and similar firms to collect money from U.S. citizens. According to the law, almost any cryptocurrency, coin or token is...

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France Issues Its First ICO Approval

 AMF ( ‘Autorité des marchés financiers) is the authority for financial markets there granted ICO approval earlier this week. It gave the approval as conditional based on certain factors. The authority gave its approval based on certain conditions. These conditions tally with standard best practices the world over. It also demonstrates the need for simplistic rules for the activities within the cryptospace. The new rules are to ensure the security of the digital assets to be issued, effective...

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U.S. SEC Charges for Its $4 Billion ICO and It’s Not as Heavy as You Think

Photo: Block.oneThe EOS blockchain developer has been charged by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over its 2017-2018 ICO which raised about $4.1 Billion during the process. The Commission charged the company with the relatively low sum of $24 Million which boils down to about 0.58% of the sum raised during the offering which is relatively light when comparing the amount raised to the amount charged.Following the DAO report which highlighted several types...

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