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IEA Reports: Global Energy Market to Remain Volatile as Israel-Hamas War Persists

Following the attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, traders initially priced in a $3 to $4 risk premium when oil markets opened. The International Energy Agency (IEA), known as the world’s leading energy regulator, has recently warned that the global energy market is likely to remain volatile as the war between Israel and Hamas persists. The IEA Warning on Energy Market According to a CNBC report, the IEA stated in its latest monthly oil market release that, while the conflict has not...

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OPEC Raises Forecast of Global Oil Demand, Peak Crude Demand Still Away

OPEC strongly criticized the IEA’s forecast of peak fossil fuel demand before the decade’s end, labeling the IEA’s narrative as “extremely risky”, “impractical”, and “ideologically driven”. OPEC has revised its medium- and long-term projections for global oil demand upward. The oil-producing consortium stated that meeting this increased demand would necessitate a substantial $14 trillion investment in the crude sector. This development comes even in the face of a rapid expansion of...

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