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Deutsche Bank Claims Cryptos Won’t Replace Cash But Could Be Mainstream in 2 Years

Ever since cryptos came into existence a decade ago, a lot has changed in the financial world. Many crypto proponents suggested a while back that digital currencies will soon take over the world. They said that cryptos will eventually render fiat currencies obsolete. However, new studies show that cash is unlikely to disappear ‘anytime soon.’Although there is declining use of cash as a payment method and the cryptos are surging, Deutsche Bank is convinced that money is here to stay. The...

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Dark Money Laundering Clouds Force Japan’s Banks to Eye JPMorgan Blockchain Network

For some time now, Japan’s banking sector has faced many challenges arising from money laundering. This problem has been in the limelight since the Financial Action Task Force found “numerous and serious deficiencies” back in 2014. Japan has long been blamed for weak measures that it has set up against money laundering and terrorism financing.In that context, the U.S. banking multinational, JPMorgan Chase & Co, is looking to launch an Interbank Information Network (IIN) in the East Asian...

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