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Opinion: New York REALLY Needs to Change Its Attitude Towards Crypto

New York, for lack of better terms, is behaving very foolishly when it comes to the growing crypto space. New York Should View Crypto in a Stronger Light The industry has shown itself to have a lot of prowess despite the volatility of coins and the actions of a few bad companies here and there. In many ways, the industry is likely to revolutionize finance in more ways than one, but when a major hub like the Empire State continues to turn its back on the industry and...

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New York Signs Crypto Moratorium into Law

It’s happened, folks. We’ve always known New York wasn’t crazy about cryptocurrency, but this new law its governor has recently passed clearly takes its dislike of the industry to a whole new level. The law will limit crypto mining within the state and guarantees safe passage only to firms that utilize green energy. New York Puts Limits on Crypto Mining The bill has been on the table for many weeks, though New York Governor Kathy Hochul has been slow to make a clear...

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New York Continues to Not Care About Crypto

New York really doesn’t care about cryptocurrency, and the re-election of Governor Kathy Hochul is proof of this. New York Just Doesn’t Get It During this year’s midterm elections, Hochul ran against Lee Zeldin, who arguably had one of the most competitive republican campaigns in the Empire State in years. Right now, New York is facing a bill that’s been passed by the state legislature. The bill would enforce a moratorium on the crypto mining space and prevent all new digital currency...

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New York Governor Hochul Facing Real Pressure to Sign Crypto Moratorium

Kathy Hochul – the current governor of New York – is facing real pressure to hurry up and sign the crypto moratorium that her state’s Assembly passed. Environmentalists Want Hochul to Move It is interesting to see such a liberal leader so hesitant to sign the moratorium. The bill calls for a two-year ban on all digital currency mining businesses thinking of setting up operations in the Empire State. Perhaps Hochul sees something wrong with the bill… Or perhaps, unlike...

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New York Governor Seeks to Close Bitcoin Mining Firm

Kathy Hochul – the governor of New York – and her administration is moving to shut down a crypto mining operation in the Finger Lakes, claiming it is creating too much pollution. New York Has Suddenly Become So Anti-Crypto In a recent statement, DEC commissioner Basil Seggos explained: We are applying a new law to a new operation which had significant increases in emissions, almost tripling emissions. The company itself was unable to demonstrate that it could come into...

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