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Student Finance 2020: What First-time Students Need to Know

The most important step is to put together a budget with all of your living expenses and then compare it to what that student loan breaks down into on a monthly basis.It’s a whole new world when a student takes that first step out of their parent’s place and onto a college campus. There are lots of new things to learn, like cooking, cleaning, getting a good checker, so you don’t plagiarize, and learning how to live on a budget. It is a big shock, and there are many things that new students...

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Have Access to Personal Loans in Timely and Safe Manner with CreditNinja

It has become rather simple to get a loan through online lending platforms. For example, at CreditNinja, any user can apply for a personal loan.In a perfect world, all of us would have sufficient money or cash for all our needs. However, in the real world, the majority of us have a minimal option but to apply for a personal loan or borrow money to meet our goals.Fortunately, it’s become straightforward to get a loan through online lending platforms, for example, CreditNinja. At CreditNinja,...

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Bitcoin-Based Loans Aren’t Doing Well, Says Genesis Capital

Bitcoin is doing very well as of late. At the time of writing, the currency has jumped even higher and is now trading for just shy of $9,500. Perhaps the coin will hit $10,000 in the coming weeks…Bitcoin Is a King, but Cash Is Still a GodBut according to one source, bitcoin still doesn’t have the attention or the respect of cash. While this is to be expected – bitcoin is, after all, only about ten years old – cash still dominates the loan space. This is also to be expected, considering...

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Unique Ways to Pay off Loans

If you are like everyone else on planet earth, you have an aversion to debt. Unfortunately, the average individual has some whether it is a car loan, mortgage or other. Truth be told, not many people can afford to pay for a home, car or college with cash.Undoubtedly, you have an interest in lowering your debt as much as possible. If you have recently given this some thought, you have likely come to the realization it’s a lot more difficult to eliminate debt than you would have imagined....

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