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Senators Tell Facebook How to Fight Crypto Fraud

Roughly nine democrat senators – including Cory Booker of New Jersey, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Bernie Sanders of Vermont – have sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg – the CEO of Facebook (now Meta) – wanting to know what he’s doing to potentially end all crypto scams appearing on his social media platform. Facebook and Crypto: A Rough Relationship The letter also details steps Zuckerberg can take to ensure fraud never becomes a major issue. The crypto space has...

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Dorsey: BTC Should Have Been Zuckerberg’s Main Project

In a recent interview, Jack Dorsey – the man behind billion-dollar companies such as Square and Twitter – said that Mark Zuckerberg – the CEO of Facebook, now Meta – was wrong to try and start his own cryptocurrency venture, and he feels things would have been more successful if he had focused on bitcoin. Jack Dorsey Is Critical of Diem BTC is the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency. Dorsey has long been a fan, working to enhance trading through Square and...

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Facebook Sells Off All Its Libra-Based Assets

Not long ago, Live Bitcoin News published an article discussing Facebook aka Meta and its decision to sell off any assets aligned with Libra/ Diem. It looks now like those assets have been sold and the project has officially come to an end. The Facebook Libra Project Is Now Fully Over The developers behind Diem confirmed in a statement that the assets were sold for around $200 million to a crypto-based bank known as Silvergate. Initially, both firms were working with...

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Facebook Announces Plans to Sell Libra Crypto Project

The Libra/ Diem cryptocurrency project that was started so long ago by Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is presently up for sale. The project has come crashing down underneath the heavy regulatory scrutiny it’s experienced, and it looks like Zuckerberg is eager to move on. Facebook Is Looking to End Libra Once and For All The goal is to sell all current assets presently stored in the Diem Association. This way, funds can be returned to investors and the company – now known...

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The Gemini Exchange Is Rapidly Expanding Its Team

The Gemini Exchange in New York is looking to bring at least 200 new workers onto its team. The company is hiring rapidly after claims of excessive growth have been making headlines over the past few years. The Gemini Exchange Wants to Bring More People Onboard The Gemini Exchange is still a relatively new company, but its history is already rich and well known. The firm was started by the famed Winklevoss Twins, who got into a legal spat with Facebook founder Mark...

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