Wednesday , May 18 2022
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Coronavirus Could Be a Positive Game-Changer for These 5 Stocks

While many stocks are taking a big hit because of the coronavirus, the following 5 are some that are set up to benefit from the outbreak. Let’s have a look at them.The coronavirus outbreak is still driving a deep wedge into the world’s financial markets and stocks. As the situation continues to worsen, some of the world’s biggest companies are shedding significant weight in stocks as a result of the market disruptions from the coronavirus. In addition to that, the world’s richest people are...

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Donald Trump Tries to Take His Merit for MAGA Stock Rise

President Trump called four big tech companies with trillion-dollar market caps, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon, the MAGA club. MAGA is also a short form of ‘Make America Great Again’, a favorite slogan of Trump and his supporters.United States President Donald Trump called out four tech giants for becoming a trillion-dollar companies – thanks to his merits. And not just that. We all remember his slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ (MAGA), right? Well, he went that far to call Microsoft,...

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