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Novavax (NVAX) Stock Jumped 6% Yesterday on $4M Funding for Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

Novavax (NVAX) stock jumped again yesterday after it received a $4 million award to be pumped into developing a vaccine for COVID-19. However, today it is falling.Since the coronavirus epidemic worsened, the stock market has been a lot more unreliable than ever. Stocks that had shown a lot of promise since the year began, have crashed considerably and are still bleeding. There are a few stocks that seem to be well-positioned for an increase if the epidemic continues to get worse. However, of...

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Oil Companies Stock Down as Dow Jones Plummets 1,800 Points, Biotech Stocks Also Bleeding

Dow Jones has lost over 1,880 points due to a row of factors including Saudi’s oil price slash as well as the coronavirus that is quickly spreading. More bleeding is expected.All over the world, markets have been feeling terrible effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. In recent times, the epidemic has caused stocks to plunge considerably, with a lot of companies seriously bleeding. Projections for the coronavirus have been quite pessimistic with forecasts that things will get worse....

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Inovio (INO) Stock Rises 7.72%, 1 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Doses Expected by Year End

Inovio(INO) stock is enjoying the rally as it put on almost 8% weight days after it announced that it will be speeding up plans for its coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.There are a few biotech companies currently working on treating the new coronavirus COVID-19 strain. For these companies right now, nothing is more important than giving the world a solution to either treat or prevent new cases of the virus, via a vaccine. While there is considerable progress being made by these firms, Inovio...

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Coronavirus Vaccine: 5 BioTech Stocks to Buy as a Hedge against COVID-19 Threat

As major biotech companies try to create a proper coronavirus vaccine, the following stocks just might be strong enough to hedge against the current financial plunge.The coronavirus epidemic isn’t letting down as many people hope it would. Instead, the number of confirmed cases as well as the mortality rate, are on a steady rise. The number of countries affected by the virus is also increasing steadily with many more countries confirming new cases of infection. The situation is worrisome to...

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Biotech Stock Market Is Under Coronavirus Effect as Companies Are Working on Vaccine

As most stock markets continue bleeding out due to the coronavirus outbreak, three biotech stocks have been defying the urge as the companies are working on a vaccine or a cure for the deadly coronavirus.Three major biotech companies, which are working on developing a vaccine or cure for the deadly coronavirus, have seen their stock markets defy the overall market plunge. The select biotech companies have either announced testing the vaccine on human victims or in the process of verifying a...

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