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Dow Futures Gain Over 800 Points, Global Stock Prices Rise on New Positive COVID-19 Numbers

As there finally appeared some positive news about the coronavirus cases, the global markets started to react. Today in the pre-market, Dow futures have gained 837 points already.Global stock prices have risen in response to new COVID-19 statistics. The same we can say about stock futures and Dow futures are not an exception. Sources say that financial markets have gone into a rebound in anticipation of fewer infected and dead due to that coronavirus. Reports coming in from some of the most...

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Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Worst Investments in 2020 after Crude Oil

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most famous cryptocurrencies. During the fall of the markets, they fall especially loudly. Is this the ‘store of value’ power we’ve been hearing about for years? But only oil perform worse these days.Since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, world markets kept falling into the abyss. Many people start thinking about the true value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, crude oil, futures, and stocks. The Block analyst and notable crypto observer Larry Chermak...

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Oil Price Drops Below $30 as Coronavirus Forces Reduced Demand

The situation with the oil price is getting worse as the price has now fallen below $30 as there is no longer much demand because of travel restrictions due to the coronavirus.The price of oil is easily the most talked about the news after the coronavirus pandemic. Oil, which has relatively maintained a significantly healthy price range for a while now, crashed terribly last week. Saudi Arabia deliberately cut down on the price of oil by 30% in response to Russia disagreeing to reduce its...

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Bitcoin Price Declined By 10% Dragging the Whole Crypto Market Down

Bitcoin and other cryptos’ prices dropped soon after a plunge in oil prices. Besides, Bitcoin lost its positions as a result of a crypto scam committed by PlusToken.Today, the beginning of the trading session has become the worst this year. After a massive sell-off on Sunday, markets have not managed to recover. As a result, cryptocurrencies have suffered significant drops. Bitcoin price declined by 9.32% in 24 hours, Ethereum lost 10.48%, Litecoin dropped by 14.41%, XRP is 9.95% down. This...

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Oil Price Jumps After Powerful Iran General Dies in U.S. Airstrike

The price of oil has now jumped and is on its way to $70, in the wake of a recent U.S. airstrike on a top general from Iran. Authorized by President Donald Trump, the airstrike targeted and killed General Qassem Soleimani. The general was the leader of the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds force.In response to the development, brent futures jumped over 4% even as tensions began to heighten.According to a report from the Pentagon, Soleimani was killed because he was “actively developing plans to...

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