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Elizabeth Warren Attacks Fidelity for Allowing Crypto Retirement Investing

Fidelity Investments has opened its retirement services to those who love crypto. Fans of digital currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum can now purchase these assets and many others like them through their Fidelity-based 401Ks and retirement funds. Fidelity Is Stirring Concerns Amongst US Lawmakers Naturally, the move leads to many questions, a main one being, “How big will the crypto space become from here on out?” The maneuver is likely to lead to new levels of...

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Fidelity Lets Customers Fund Their 401Ks with Crypto, but Not Everyone’s Happy

Not long ago, Fidelity Investments announced that customers would be able to invest in crypto like bitcoin through their 401Ks and retirement accounts. In addition, several businesses offering 401Ks to their employees could soon see these individuals purchase assets like BTC, ether, and maybe even Dogecoin through their company-funded retirement profiles. Fidelity Moves Forward with Crypto The news was widely welcomed in the crypto space, with many analysts saying it...

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IRA Financial Trust Hacked, Millions in Crypto Funds Stolen

It’s a real problem getting your crypto account hacked, but if it contains the funds you’re going to use to retire, well… Then the situation becomes even bigger, and for several customers of IRA Financial Trust – a firm that allows its clients to invest their retirement funds in digital assets – this truth is hitting home right about now. IRA Financial Trust Sees a Lot of Money Disappear IRA Financial Trust has recently had about $36 million in client-owned digital funds...

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Ryan Radloff: Retirees Don’t Have Enough BTC

Most citizens of the United States do not hold any bitcoin or cryptocurrency holdings in their retirement accounts, according to Kingdom Trust CEO Ryan Radloff.Radloff: People Aren’t Holding Enough BTCThe idea of holding crypto in one’s 401K, IRA or other retirement account is a bit shaky. While companies – like Bitcoin IRA – exist to help people do just that, it doesn’t look like a lot of people are taking advantage of the situation. For the most part, this could be attributed to one of two...

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