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Dow Futures Lost 4.5% on Friday, Asian Market Nosedive as U.S. Fiscal Stimulus Bill Stalls

The fiscal stimulus bill presented by the Trump government failed to receive a key Senate vote and was halted from passing. The Democrats said that the bill did little to help out workers and more to bail out companies.The coronavirus pandemic continues to hit the global markets and the number of infected cases is on a steep rise. The U.S. Stock futures plunged in the early morning on Monday as Wall Street awaits an economic stimulus from the Trump government.Today, early morning 6 am, the...

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Dow Jones Futures Rise Almost 300 Points on Tuesday after Monday’s 2-Year Record Crash

The Dow Jones futures plummeted quite terribly yesterday. However, today, it has gained almost 300 points on its way to recovery.The coronavirus is still a major problem not just health-wise, but for financial markets as well. All of the uncertainty, fear and doubt stemming from the outbreak which started last year, has caused very visible effects on the world’s stock markets. Yesterday, stocks crashed badly, signifying the market’s worst plunge in 2 years. Now, a rise can be observed as the...

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South Korea’s Coronavirus Alert Raised to Highest Level, Asia Stocks Drop by Around 4%

The noise around coronavirus is growing. Stocks in Asia are falling due to this situation and there are no signs of improvements.South Korea’s coronavirus alert level has been raised to its highest levels, it has led to a new drop of stocks in Asia. Sources report that this action occurred as 161 new cases have been reported. Seven deaths have been reported so far.Markets in Japan haven’t reported any data due to holiday closures on Monday. The Korean currency won fell to 1,219.22 per dollar....

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Bitcoin Price Positively Reacts to Asia Stocks Crash amid Coronavirus

Most of the cryptos grew on Monday amid terrible trading in Asia. After the extended Chinese New Year shutdown, mainland markets finally opened for trading. However, it was not going as it was expected.Bitcoin price was rising as well. However, at the time of writing, it was falling 0.43% to $9,347.Major stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region tumbled by the most since an equity bubble burst in 2015. They resumed trading Monday, in the first opportunity for many investors in China to react...

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‘Phase One’ of U.S.-China Trade Deal Done, Asian Stocks React Differently

United States trade representative Robert Lighthizer said on Sunday that the “phase one” of the U.S.-China trade deal is “totally done”. Among several conditions, one of them is regarding China buying more of U.S. agricultural products. As per Lighthizer’s words, the U.S. exports to China will be doubled from now on. He added that the exact date and location for signing the agreement are to be determined.The thing is, the tensions among the two countries were rapidly growing during the last...

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