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Sotheby’s Hosting Diamond Auction; Crypto Bidders Welcome

Sotheby’s is hosting an auction that will feature a 555.55-carat black diamond. What’s the big clincher? Crypto enthusiasts are welcome to the table and can bid on the item with digital currency. Sotheby’s Says “Yes” to Crypto Bids Known as the “Enigma,” the diamond is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest cut diamond in the world. It will also be part of a special sale that is allowing crypto bidding. Among the currencies that Sotheby’s is willing...

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Sotheby’s Diamond Fetches $12.3 Million in Crypto

Not long ago, Live Bitcoin News reported on a diamond that was being sold by Sotheby’s. The diamond was more than 101 carats – a rare feat for any jewel – and the big clincher was that the auction house was willing to accept crypto bids for the item. It now looks like this little bet has paid off. Sotheby’s Auction Makes Crypto History A crypto fan has ultimately parted with approximately $12.3 million in digital funds in exchange for the jewel. According to a statement...

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Sotheby’s to Host Diamond Auction; Crypto Bidders Welcome

As one of the world’s largest brokers of jewelry and fine art, Sotheby’s is preparing to auction off a massive 100 carat diamond. What is the big clincher? Bidders can potentially purchase the item with cryptocurrency. Sotheby’s Will Sell You a Diamond for BTC Known as Key 10138, the diamond in question is pear shaped and nearly flawless in its crystal-like design. It is extremely rare to come across a diamond with so many carats, though it seems like Sotheby’s has done...

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Sotheby’s Ready to Accept Crypto Payments for Latest Art Auction

Auction house Sotheby’s – which offers bidding wars on some of the finest art, jewelry and wine available today – has announced that it will accept bitcoin and ether bids on an upcoming auction of “Love Is in the Air,” a piece by popular artist and bitcoin advocate Banksy. Sotheby’s Ready for Crypto Bidding This will be the first time that a largescale auction house is willing to accept crypto payments for art items up for bid, though the winner is also able to pay with...

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