Tuesday , November 28 2023
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Japan’s Nikkei Closes Below 31,000 amid Middle East Turmoil

One of the most striking aspects of this market turmoil was the sharp increase in the Nikkei volatility index, which surged to 23.87, a level not seen in a long while. Japan’s Nikkei 225 (INDEXNIKKEI: NI225) share average faced a tumultuous day as it closed below the psychologically significant 31,000 level earlier today, primarily due to escalating events in the Middle East. This geopolitical unease sent a key volatility gauge spiking to a one-year high. Nikkei 225 Performance Breakdown...

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Europe Stocks Climb Higher after US Congress Approve Bill to Increase Debt Ceiling

Stocks in Europe and Asia have risen in response to the debt ceiling increase approved by lawmakers in the US. Stocks in Europe opened higher today after the US Senate approved a bill to suspend the government’s debt ceiling. Following a 63-36 vote, US lawmakers agreed to raise the debt ceiling to prevent the country’s first-ever debt default. Congress has now sent the approval to President Joe Biden for assent. As of 9:30 am London time this morning, the STOXX Europe 600 climbed 0.7%...

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Coronavirus Confirmed Cases Surge by 15,000 Crashing Asian Markets

The coronavirus outbreak seems to be getting worse instead of getting better and the Asian markets have crashed in response to a 45% surge in confirmed cases.For a few days now, the general atmosphere about the state of the coronavirus outbreak in China has been somewhat optimistic. This is because it was generally thought that the epidemic was slowly starting to resolve and might soon peak. However, a new development shows that the coronavirus epidemic is a lot worse and markets are tumbling...

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Asia Stocks Tumble as Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 170

The ongoing epidemic is still doing a strong and deep dive throughout the world’s financial markets. Generally, the coronavirus has caused stocks in Asia to plunge as panic continues to spread around the continent and even to the rest of the world.Coronavirus Crashes Asia StocksSeveral markets across the continent are having a bad time of the event. The Hang Seng index, which covers the largest companies in Hong Kong, closed at 26,499.13 after losing 2.62%.Most of the hardest-hit stocks all...

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