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Warren Buffett: Forget Gold and BTC, Invest in Stocks!

Warren Buffett is telling all his followers that buying bitcoin or gold during times of war is a terrible mistake. He is telling them all to avoid these assets and to avoid hoarding cash and to put all their money into stocks, as these are the only safe assets that can assuredly build wealth in the long-term. Warren Buffett: Stocks Are the Only Answer Buffett has never been a big bitcoin fan. He has often referred to it as “rat poison squared” and applied other...

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Warren Buffett Explains His Hate for Bitcoin

Bitcoin has had its worst year to date, and Warren Buffett – the billionaire investor and CEO behind real estate giant Berkshire Hathaway – is laughing in all our faces right about now. Warren Buffett Really Hates Bitcoin Buffett has never supported bitcoin. In fact, he’s said some rather negative things about it. Discussing crypto assets in 2018, he said: They will come to a very bad ending. He also made it clear that he had no intention of owning any form of crypto, stating in early...

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Charlie Munger Bashes Bitcoin Again, Says It’s Good for Kidnappers

The American billionaire investor Charlie Munger reiterated his negative tone on the crypto sector, saying bitcoin stimulates child prostitution, kidnappings, and other criminal affairs. He also argued that the FTX crash resulted from a “bad combination” between fraud and delusion. Munger’s Latest Attack Charlie Munger – Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett’s right hand – is undoubtedly among the biggest critics of the digital asset industry. In a recent...

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Nubank in Brazil Is Releasing Its Own Crypto Token

Brazilian bank Nubank – an institution that has garnered the respect and support of billionaires like Warren Buffett – is releasing its very own digital currency, making it the first major banking institution in the traditional arena to do so. Nubank Has a New Cryptocurrency It’s Releasing The token – which is set to be called “Nucoin” – will be available sometime during the first few months of 2023. The bank has not given a specific release date yet. The asset is,...

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Will Warren Buffett Ever Like BTC? Probably Not.

It’s always disappointing when someone decides bitcoin isn’t any good. No matter how much the world’s number one digital currency has accomplished in the last few years, it seems there will always be doubters, and amongst them are Berkshire Hathaway executives Warren Buffett and his vice chairman Charlie Munger. Warren Buffett Still Hates Bitcoin At a recent shareholder meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, Buffett was quick to strike down bitcoin and comment about how weak it...

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Warren Buffett’s Advice for Beating Inflation is Actually the Key to Bitcoin’s Success (Opinion)

At the annual Berkshire meeting last week, Warren Buffett continued to balk at Bitcoin’s history-making ROI over the last decade. But the investing legend also gave advice to beat inflation which is precisely what makes Bitcoin so valuable. The investment news world has been filled with responses to Warren Buffett’s latest remarks heaping scorn on Bitcoin. The legendary investor took his notorious “rat poison squared” insult from 2018 a step even further. From the day Buffett...

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