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White House Reps Pen Letter Calling for Stricter Crypto Laws

White House officials Brian Deese, Arati Prabhakar, Cecilia Rouse, and Jake Sullivan have penned a letter calling on Congress to instill stricter crypto trading laws to ensure that something like the FTX debacle never occurs again. A Letter to Those in Charge The letter states: Congress could also make our jobs harder and worsen risks to investors and to the financial system. Legislation should not greenlight mainstream institutions, like pension funds, to dive headlong...

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The White House Thinks BTC Has Just Boosted Crime

According to White House officials, bitcoin – though it has its benefits – has increased ransomware cases across the country. The White House Isn’t Confident in BTC A White House spokesperson (who remains anonymous) recently commented in an interview: When bitcoin became more widely used, we saw a huge jump in ransomware because it was a way to move money across borders. It’s a borderless threat, and we [need] to tackle it in a borderless way. The threat has clearly evolved. The government...

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3M Stock Up 3.58% Yesterday, Loses 2.82% Today, CDC May Tell People to Wear Cloth Masks

3M is facing turbulence as the Trump administration meddles with its operations, making MMM stock unpopular among investors despite their products being involved in the fight against COVID-19.On April 2, the White House confirmed that it might adjust previous guidelines that discouraged non-health workers from wearing medical face masks. The new change will come as ‘guidance’ from the CDC. However, President Trump said that, for now, it would not be made mandatory. Medical-grade masks...

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