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How Manu and Women Like Her Are Dominating Crypto

Manu is a 32-year-old woman in the region of Panchkula that’s serving as a testament to how women can get ahead in the crypto space. Manu Has Become an Active Trader As a person from a small town, Manu, in many ways, is your typical woman. She is often seen cooking, doing daily chores, and taking care of her child. However, there is something unique about her in that after all this is done for the day, she gets on her laptop and enters the world of crypto trading. Her...

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$FEM Coin Seeks to Bring More Women to the Crypto Space

A new cryptocurrency called $FEM has entered the market. Designed for women by women, the asset was built to bring more ladies into the crypto space, which is still allegedly dominated by men. Will $FEM Coin Help Women Get Involved in Crypto? One of the biggest complaints about the crypto space is that it has reportedly become rather exclusive, and when one says exclusive, they mean it is largely geared towards male traders – no one else. Currently, only about five...

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Women Still Don’t Invest in Crypto Enough, Study Says

A new study suggests that bitcoin and cryptocurrency have grown like crazy. They are part of a big industry that is seeing many investors, analysts and individuals stepping in and desiring to take advantage of the many benefits. There just seems to be a big problem: the crypto space is allegedly dominated by men, while women are struggling to keep up. Women Aren’t As Active in Crypto as Men Per a new study conducted by CNBC, Momentive, and other partners, it appears that...

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