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Coinbase Patents New BTC Emailing Feature

Brian Armstrong – the CEO of Coinbase – has garnered a patent for a new product that will allow users to email bitcoin to each other.Coinbase Paves the Way for Emailing BTCThe patent was filed in March of 2015 but didn’t garner approval until now. Crazy how long it can take to get the green light on new developments, isn’t it? The product is built to make crypto payments through email addresses linked to various wallets. The sender initiates an order to send money to a specific email address...

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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Secures Patent for Sending Bitcoins via Email

Brian Armstrong, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, has recently secured a patent for sending Bitcoins via email. Initially filed in March 2015, the patent was finally rewarded this week on Tuesday, December 17.Basically, the patent describes a method for cryptocurrency payments by linking the email addresses to their corresponding wallet addresses. Once the sender makes a request to send crypto payments to an email address, the system automatically sends the desired amount.Note that...

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#776 Erster ICO Frankreich, dieser Coin total unterbewertet & Coinbase email Bitcoin Patent

Hey Krypto Fans, willkommen zur Bitcoin-Informant Show Nr. 776. Heute sprechen wir über folgende Themen: Frankreich: Finanzaufsicht genehmigt erstes ICO im Land, Weiss Ratings sagt dieser Coin ist total unterbewertet & Coinbase Patent Bitcoin per email senden. 1.) Frankreich: Finanzaufsicht genehmigt erstes ICO im Landhttps://de.cointelegraph.com/news/frances-financial-regulator-grants-countrys-first-approval-for-an-initial-coin-offering 2.) Diese Kryptowährung ist...

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Crypto Hits the Big Time After Coinbase CEO Makes Rising Star List

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has been honored by Time magazine in the inaugural TIME 100 Next list. Four crypto and blockchain startups appeared in the 2019 CNBC Upstart 100. Startups featured on the CNBC list must have raised $50 million or less in VC funding. This has been a good week for individuals and startups in the crypto and blockchain space. Within a span of hours, players in the sector have been recognized by two mainstream media organizations – CNBC and Time magazine – over their...

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Libra Association Exec Claims Libra Will Not Replace Existing Money

Libra Association Managing Director Bertrand Perez said on Friday that the Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra, that should be launched by a Geneva-based association next year, is not intended to replace existing currencies. He said:“We are not in the area of implementing any monetary policy with the (Libra) Reserve.”This confirms what Libra’s CEO David Marcus was speaking back in July at the hearings when he kept stressing that Libra is not an investment and it doesn’t want to conquer the...

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Libra Is an Important Crypto Project, Coinbase CEO Says

A rather inspiring presentation from the head of Facebook’s Libra David Marcus seems to have inspired someone else as well and neither more nor less – Coinbase CEO himself. Yes, you’ve heard it right, Brian Armstrong came out as a real supporter of this, still developing stablecoin.The thing is that Libra is often represented as a project that carries labels such as “alienating”, “controversial” or even “poisonous”. Even though it still hasn’t come out at the light of the day, it has already...

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