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Will XRP Price Be Able to Hit $692 in 2020?

Anyone can issue his own money – this should be the main notion in FinTech of the 21st century.According to the statistics, the daily volume of international payments equals almost 10 trillion dollars, with 5 trillion handled by the SWIFT international payment system. It was designed back in 1972, yet many banks still use the outdated, 40-years old software. Cross-border bank accounts are holding $27 trillion in cash.Let’s consider the volume of international payments stated above. If the...

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Bitcoin Price Surges 5% to Move above $7600 in the Crypto Market Rally

It’s a good start to the week as Bitcoin and the majority of altcoins have turned green in the crypto market rally. In the last 24-hours, the overall cryptocurrency market added $10 billion.Simultaneously, the BTC price has surged nearly 5% moving above $7600. Bitcoin is currently leading today’s market rally with Ethereum posting under 3% gains. Last week, Bitcoin was struggling to cross $7000 and instead went all down below $6600 levels.However, it quickly managed to cover its lost ground...

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Binance CEO Shares Thoughts on Privacy, Exchanges and Law Trickery

The news recently got a splash because of the Twitter user reporting transaction censorship. Binance Singapore froze his money because he was sending them to a Wasabi Wallet.CZ Answers on Espionage Allegations by Twitter CrowdsChangpeng pointed out that there are lots of comments on Twitter under the post about a frozen payment. It shows that people still do not understand how the exchange regulation works, while its a broad topic. In terms of AML procedures, the exchange is obliged to...

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Bitfinex and Chainalysis Work Together to Battle Money Laundering

Cybersecurity firm Chainalysis is unveiling its new compliance platform for Bitfinex, one of the world’s leading and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.Chainalysis and Bitfinex Working TogetherThe platform is designed to detect money laundering before it can occur and monitor any illicit activity that some customers may be looking to perform with cryptocurrency’s help. White-collar crimes like these have long been serious concerns of politicians like those in the United States...

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YСombinator’s Crypto Compliance Startup Raises $4.2M from Investors Including Paypal Ventures

A San Francisco -based startup TRM Labs, which emerged from YCombinator and looks at blockchain analysis as a tool for the ensuring of compliance, has received $4.2 Million in funding from various investors that included PayPal Ventures. The big problem with compliance for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is that most banks and financial institutions would rather not deal with the intricacies and the technological hoops which they would have to leap through before they get a clear...

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Buy, Sell and Exchange Crypto and Fiat With the New HOLD App and Debit Card

For now, 36 countries from the European Economic Area (EEA) will be able to enjoy zero fee crypto and fiat exchange, while Austria, Ireland Spain are soon to follow.Get the Most Out of Crypto With No Fees at AllBitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin will be the first available crypto choices on the HOLD app, with easy exchange, buying and selling all within the app. Deposit at any time with crypto or with fiat from SEPA transfers direct from users’ bank account.This essentially means that crypto...

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