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Cypherpunk Makes Huge Investment in Crypto Fund

Cypherpunk – a leader in the blockchain, metaverse, and cryptography sectors – has recently invested more than $500,000 into the AB Digital Strategies Fund managed by Isla Capital. The company made a $250K investment in February and the second investment a few weeks ago in April. Cypherpunk Gives Half a Million Dollars to Digital Strategies Fund Jeff Gao – the CEO of Cypherpunk – said that he is trying hard to ensure the company moves away from cash and traditional...

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Citizen Bitcoin Podcast mit Adam Back: Bitcoin’s Past and Future

Dr. Adam Back is a cypherpunk pioneer. His work on hashcash is cited in the Bitcoin whitepaper and, lesser known among bitcoiners, but just as cool, his work on telescoping circuits is cited in the TOR white-paper. These are among many more contributions to the field of applied cryptography. In this episode we discuss cypherpunk history, bitcoin’s history and future, bitcoin privacy and Adam gives us...

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