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How Federal Reserve Prints Dollars and Throws Dust in Eyes of American Taxplayers

The article provides an explanation of how the U.S. Federal Reserve devalues dollars by printing them in huge amounts and saves corporations for the money of taxpayers.Nobody expected a sudden collapse of the global economy this year. Production and consumption volumes have fallen to incredibly low levels, and Goldman Sachs analysts predict in the second quarter of 2020 GDP contraction will make up 24%. Such a discouraging forecast contradicts central banks’ vision, and to handle the...

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Stock Market Crashes in the U.S., Analysts Predict Dow Jones Crisis

Many market participants were talking about the grand crash possible in the Q1 2020. And now it looks like the disaster is slowly entering the room.The stock market is crashing on Monday, opening with a 136 points drop. Apple and Microsoft were saving the situation at the end of the year, but the overall picture now is not so good. The trading issues between the U.S. and China, as well as the recent actions of President Donald Trump against Iran, seem to add uncertainty to both local and...

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