Thursday , December 8 2022
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MetaMask warns against using iCloud after scam

MetaMask ist eine Krypto-Wallet und Browser-Erweiterung, die alle Arten von Ethereum-basierten Token unterstützt. MetaMask is one of the most popular crypto-wallets of the moment, but this popularity has a downside. The more attention, the more interesting it becomes for hackers. Therefore, MetaMask now warns users to disable iCloud backups. Why? Last Thursday, on April 14th, a scam was carried out in which an estimated 650,000 dollars worth of NFTs...

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Telegram Founder Pavel Durov Claims Apple’s iCloud Is Officially a Surveillance Tool

Recently, Telegram founder Pavel Durov made quite a bold statement. On his Telegram channel, he argued that Apple‘s iCloud is now ‘officially a surveillance tool’. Further, Durov cited a Reuters report and stated that apps relying on it to store users’ private messages (such as WhatsApp) are part of the problem.But let us see how the whole story began.Apple’s iCloud Will Not Encrypt BackupsAbout two years ago, Apple was considering end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups. After doing that,...

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