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Amazon (AMZN) Stock Is Growing while Walmart Pays Investors to Make Them Happy

Walmart revealed it spent $11.8 billion the last year on dividends. Amazon doesn’t have such a strategy but AMZN stock price is growing.Amazon (AMZN) stock is in green these days while Walmart (WMT) stock is falling. Do these events have any relation to the companies’ performance and approaches? Let’s have a look at how both companies are doing.John Furner, President and CEO of Walmart US, said recently that the role of corporations has changed. By saying that, Furner was thinking of making...

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Amazon Mulls Questioning Trump over Losing $10B Pentagon’s JEDI Contract

Amazon Web Services (AWS) said in the filing that it wants to depose President Donald Trump, Defense Secretary Mark Esper and former Defense Secretary James Mattis over a $10 billion Pentagon’s JEDI contract awarded to Microsoft.Amazon Web Services (AWS) spokesperson blames United States President Donald Trump for using his executive powers in order “to advance his personal agenda.” They also claim that the example of this was awarding of the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense...

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Amazon Files Motion to Suspend Microsoft from $10 Billion JEDI Project

In an interesting turn of events, Amazon is seeking a court injunction against Microsoft. Amazon wants the courts to prevent Microsoft from continuing with the popular Pentagon cloud project until all related cases are resolved.Amazon Looks to Stop MicrosoftIn October last year, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) announced that it will be awarding Microsoft with the Pentagon contract. Called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), the project is worth $10 billion. At the time,...

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Amazon Allegedly Lost $10 Billion JEDI Contract Due to Trump Interference

According to the latest reports, Amazon alleges that it lost out on a $10 billion defense contract since one person hated the company: President Donald Trump. The ‘improper pressure’ and behind-the-scenes attacks by the president harmed the company’s chances of getting this contract. The Pentagon gave the controversial cloud computing contract to Microsoft in October. Amazon appealed the decision practically immediately.In a redacted complaint from a previously filed lawsuit, Amazon explained...

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