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Russia Is Now Willing to Trade Oil for Bitcoin

The economy in Russia isn’t doing too well. Not long ago, the ruble – the national currency of Russia – experienced a massive drop that saw many people turning to crypto as a means of keeping their wealth stable and steady during this ongoing time of economic strife. In addition, it was suggested that crypto was likely going to be a tool in Russia for avoiding U.S. sanctions. Russia Seeks to Trade Oil for Crypto Thus, it looks like digital assets have become prime...

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Bitcoin Experiences a Nice Little Jump

Bitcoin has shot up along with several of its altcoin cousins. After spending the last month or so locked in the doldrums, the world’s number one digital asset by market cap has suddenly surged to a moderate position. Bitcoin Seems to Be on the Rebound At the time of writing, bitcoin is trading for over $45,000 per unit. This may not sound like much when compared with the highs the currency has hit in the past year or so. However, it’s good news for traders in that...

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Bitcoin-Analyst: Sehen wir im August 2021 einen Bitcoin-Preis von 500’000?

Year-to-date (YTD) bezeichnet im Bereich der Finanzwirtschaft den Zeitraum seit Beginn des Jahres bis zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt. Und Bitcoin ist das Beste Investment im Jahr 2020 zum aktuellen Datum. Dan Morehead ist der Gründer und CEO der Investitionsgesellschaft Pantera Capital. In einem Schreiben an seine Kunden und Investoren prognostiziert Dan Morehead einen Bitcoin-Preis...

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Despite the Negative Press, BTC Is Stronger Than Oil

Everybody keeps making such a big deal about how volatile bitcoin has been this year, but the fact is that it’s held up quite well in comparison to many other assets and commodities… including oil.Bitcoin Is Stronger Than Oil Right NowAs we all remember, oil experienced a serious drop last Monday. An expiring futures contract went negative and brought oil prices down below zero for the first time in the industry’s history. This was made even more drastic in the sense that many traders appear...

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Bitcoin Sheds Another $200 Off Its Price

The price of bitcoin – the world’s number one cryptocurrency by market cap – has fallen to just over $6,800 at the time of writing following news that the oil market in America tanked two days ago.Bitcoin Takes Another TumbleDespite spending the last several days trading above the $7,000 mark – which it had crossed for the second time in a month – the digital asset that everyone has come to know and love is once again being affected by outside market commodities and has taken a turn for the...

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Bitcoin Has Crashed Alongside Stocks and Oil; Falls to $7,600

Bitcoin has come to a crashing, screeching halt.Bitcoin Crashes, Loses All Its 2020 GainsAt the time of writing, the world’s number one cryptocurrency by market cap has fallen into the $7,000 range and is now trading at a measly $7,600. All the gains it’s made this year have been erased from the trading board. As fears of the coronavirus turn into a global panic, bitcoin and its altcoin cousins – along with several other market tools, such as oil, bonds and stocks – are all paying the...

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